I rarely watch movies or series, because this world has a lot of much more fundamental, interesting and important things to do, but I made an exception for TV seties “Genius” (2017).
It is dedicated to Albert Einstein, and overall I would describe the series as follows:

  • it is absolutely free from cliches about him frequently faced in a popular culture
  • it provides a popular overview of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics concepts, as well as
    Einstein’s “thought experiments”
  • it shows another scientists as well (Max Plank, Marrie Currie, Werner Heisenberg, Niels
    Bohr etc.)
  • it shows other aspects of his life, including personal problems (so even if you are not
    interested in science, but interested in things like that, you may still find the series
    interesting, like my mother did)
  • finally, it shows the epoch, including World War 1, the rise and fall of Nazism and the
    rise of the Cold War

In short, highly recommend watching.
Just a trailer.